The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) joins the Banga family and the entire media fraternity in mourning the sad and untimely death of Peter Banga one of Zimbabwe’s finest journalists in the country.  The death of Mr Banga has indeed robbed the nation of a journalist who gave inspiration to many in how to unpack critical issues for easy understanding by the generality of the Zimbabwean public and beyond.

The Commission interacted with Mr Banga during his long tenure as a media trainer at the Department of Mass Communication at the Harare Polytechnic.  He yearned for a professional and ethical media that plays its critical role in the development agenda of the country.

At the time of his passing on, Mr Peter Banga was also assisting University of Zimbabwe’s former Department of English and Media Studies, teaching the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Honours in Journalism and Media Studies (BAHJMS) Radio and Television modules on a part time basis.

That he rose through the ranks to be the head of the Department of Mass Communication tells a long story of his dedication to the teaching of journalism.  Many practising journalists today passed through the hands of Mr Banga.

Uncle Peter, as he was affectionately known in the newsroom was a passionate trainer in news reading and editing.  He also featured on the then television programme “Insight” which was designed along the lines of “The Nation” whose 1980s pioneer presenter was the late Godfrey Majonga.

Mr Banga displayed a rare commitment to the profession with his work exhibiting high levels of professionalism and research, much to the benefit of the generality of Zimbabweans. Influenced by his lived realities, Mr Banga brought the much sought inclusive and specialised reporting that was uniquely sensitive to special and specific needs of people living with disabilities. His presence on both the local and international programmes is no vain testimony of the colossal role his reportage played in the developmental trajectory of Zimbabwe.

The Commission extends its condolences to the Banga family and Harare Polytechnic College where he was Head of the Mass Communication Division. Mr Banga assumed that key position after leaving the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation whose radio listeners and television viewers will miss his valuable contributions to Current Affairs programmes.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Issued 22 NOVEMBER 2021.

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