The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) wishes to advise all media practitioners and stakeholders that the Commission has not yet started issuing accreditation cards for the year 2022.  The Commission is still awaiting the gazetting of the 2022 fees which have already been sent to the line Ministry.

Once the fees have been gazetted the ZMC will advise all journalists and media practitioners on the commencement of the accreditation process.

As a temporary measure to allow journalists and other media practitioners to carry on with their duties, the ZMC is appealing to authorities and stakeholders to accept accreditation cards for the year 2021.

The ZMC is appealing to all stakeholders to treat 2021 accreditation cards as valid until the gazetting of the new fees and the resumption of accreditation.

The Commission calls upon all stakeholders and security agents manning checkpoints to assist journalists and other media practitioners to carry out their duties without harm or harassment.

Once the fees are gazetted, the Commission will undertake a nation-wide accreditation outreach programme to all provincial capitals.  The accreditation outreach programme will be communicated to all media practitioners, press clubs and all registered mass media services.

The Commission applauds the role played by the media in 2021 in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  As the pandemic is still around, the media is being called, once again, to double its role in the fight against this pandemic.

The Commission wishes all media practitioners and stakeholders a prosperous and productive 2022.

Issued by the Zimbabwe Media Commission

Date:       5th January 2022

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