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The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) joins the Zimbabwe community in commemorating the country’s 42nd national independence celebrations running under the theme: Zim@42, leaving no-one and no place behind.”

Along this theme, the Commission celebrates strides that have been made in reforming the media and information environment in the country. The passing into law of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in March 2021 and the gazetting of the attendant regulations to operationalise the Act is a major milestone in empowering ordinary Zimbabweans and promoting access to information held by public bodies. Under FOIA, citizens have a right to access information held by public entities such as Government ministries, parastatals or local authorities for either the purposes of protection of their rights or for the purposes of accountability and transparency. The spirit behind enactment of FOIA is to entrench transparency and public accountability.

On the other hand, the Zimbabwe Media Commission Act “ZMC Act” provides for actions or steps the Commission can take in protecting freedom of the media and of expression as guaranteed by Section 61 of the Constitution. This legislation affords all Zimbabweans the opportunity to enjoy their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. Currently, ZMC is working with Government and other media stakeholders and consulting extensively on the proposed media co-regulation framework. The 42nd Zimbabwe independence celebrations come on the backdrop of these positive developments in our media sector.

As the apex media regulatory body in the country, ZMC will continue to adopt and implement media policies (and practices) that will help to create a conducive environment for journalists and other media practitioners to entrench and deepen democracy in Zimbabwe.

Makorokoto, Amhlope, Congratulations.

Statement issued by Zimbabwe Media Commission

Zimbabwe Media Commission House

108 Swan Drive


18th April 2022

“ZMC-Fostering access to information and a professional, national-interest driven media by 2030”

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