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The Commission’s major focus is on the promotion and protection of freedom of expression and the media; and the promotion of accountable governance through facilitating public access to information held by public entities for the purposes of transparency, accountability and protection of human rights.

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Accreditation of journalists and other people employed in the media is provided by Statutory 169C of 2002. The Statutory Instrument prescribes the manner and form in which an individual can lodge an application for accreditation with the Zimbabwe Media Commission. The instrument also prescribes the fee payable for accreditation.

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How To Apply for Accreditation

An individual wishing to be accredited as such by the Commission can apply through the Commission’s Online Platform or submit the application form at the Commission offices. The application form can be collected from the offices or downloaded from the Commission website (www.mediacommission.co.zw). The application should be submitted together with the accreditation fee.

Fill Out Form

Download application form and fill it out. Attach the required documentation and submit your application.

Make Payment

Make your payment through cash, bank transfer or various online platforms.

Get Your Card

A person applying for accreditation can get their accreditation cards within ten minutes of submitting their application form.  Those applying through online platforms have their accreditation cards delivered to them.