Accreditation of Journalists and Media Practitioners

Accreditation of journalists and other people employed in the media is provided by Statutory 169C of 2002. The Statutory Instrument prescribes the manner and form in which an individual can lodge an application for accreditation with the Zimbabwe Media Commission. The instrument also prescribes the fee payable for accreditation.


An individual wishing to be accredited as such by the Commission can apply through the Commission’s Online Platform or submit the application form at the Commission offices. The application form can be collected from the offices or downloaded from the Commission website ( The application should be submitted together with the accreditation fee.
A person applying for accreditation can get their accreditation cards within ten minutes of submitting their application form. Those applying through online platforms have their accreditation cards delivered to them.
In any given year, the Commission undertakes an outreach accreditation programme to all major centres in order to cater for those individuals who are unable to visit its offices or apply through the online platform.

Valid Period

All accreditation cards expire on 1 December of each year.  Journalists and other media practitioners can renew their accreditation status before the expiry date.

Who Qualifies

Any Zimbabwean citizen or permanent resident may accredit as a journalist or media practitioner with the Commission.

Foreign journalists can be accredited for a period not exceeding 60 days.

Professional Values

Journalists and other media practitioners are expected to be guided by the ethics of the profession.  The profession expects them to be truthful, factual and objective in their daily duty to inform, educate and entertain the people.

Register of Journalists

The Commission keeps a register of all accredited journalists and other media practitioners for any given year.

Requirements for Accreditation

An application form for accreditation should be accompanied by the following:
• Certified copy of National Identity card;
• Two passport size photographs;
• Certified copy of professional and academic qualifications or sample of past work done;
• Where certificates are not available, applicant may submit five samples of past work done;
• Any other relevant reference materials such as a letter from the employer or media house or professional association; and
• An accreditation fee as prescribed.

The application form should be stamped and signed by the editor or bear the stamp and signature of the professional association of which the applicant is a member.

How To Apply

Fill In The Form

Fill in the requisite application for by either downloading it here on the website or getting a copy from our offices. Make sure you attahed all the required documentation as stated above in the requirements.

Make Payment

Make your payment of the requisite accreditation fee  by bank deposit or online transfer to process your accreditation.

Receive your accreditation card

Once payment has been received and all documents have been verified you will be issued with your new membership card.