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Accreditation Press Statement
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Accreditation Press Statement

Accreditation Press Statement

The Zimbabwe Media Commission has temporarily suspended accreditation because of the High Court case between Zimbabwe Online Content Creators Trust (ZOCC) and the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC).

This was because when the Commission commenced 2020 accreditation on 26 May after a short break, caused by the late announcement of accreditation fees as well as the National Lockdown brought about the Covid-19 pandemic, we announced some changes on the accreditation process by introducing three new categories. This was not well received by ZOCC who then took the matter to the High Court on an urgent chamber application basis. They claimed that the new categories would lead to discrimination of some journalists and media practitioners among other reasons.

Inadvertently, the Commission lost the case and ZOCC was granted an interim relief which interdicted the Commission from “carrying or continuing with the accreditation of media practitioners represented by the applicant… based on the new categories’’ introduced in May. The Commission has since complied with the order and is now going through the process of interpreting the High Court judgement on the said case.

We would therefore like to notify our stakeholders that accreditation will resume on Monday, 15 June 2020.

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